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  Oct. 29th, 2009 06:44 pm
*sigh* It's a no-win situation. There I spend 3 hours yesterday reading two texts for Jishu zemi and what happens today? Only three people attend the seminar and we don't even start talking about the material. Come on! Why do I keep working for nothing? Or does it just feel like that to me?

I don't have class tomorrow, so I'll just study vocabulary today or maybe read a short text for next week. I have to work from 12 to 16.30 and afterwards I'll meet a friend and we'll go pumpkin-shopping. I hope to find a nice one! Wish me luck!
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  Oct. 28th, 2009 06:29 pm
I think it's outrageous.

The semester started three weeks ago and one of my japanese classes doesn't start until next week! That would be 3 whole weeks of class we missed and I am really scared that we'll have to finish the learning material in less time now instead of reducing it.

They said that the class would start this week and now the homepage says it has been postponed AGAIN. Come on! That's enough!

What can be so important to my docent that he misses three weeks of class? I'm not happy about this at all.


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