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justforaday ([personal profile] justforaday) wrote2009-08-30 02:29 am
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Plans for next week and beyond~


8 more days until I am going to Japan. I'm very excited! I'm gonna have a great time.

Until then there's still lots of stuff to do. Aside from the presentation I should work on, I rather busied myself with fandom. I started a new drawing that I am going to finish and post tomorrow, so wait for it!

Also, I have decided to write a sequel to my RA fic. Yay me! People have been asking for it and since I can't actually answer without giving myself away as the author, it's going to be a surprise for you guys.
I was thinking about writing a new fic that isn't even totally in my head yet and there's something else I have been working on which is related to one of the prompts in RA fic exchange. I couldn't decide which one of two prompts to take, so I decided to take them both and post the one that I finished first for RA while I post the other on my own with a credit to the original prompter. But it'll still take a while before anything is finished there.

There are some Tv shows like 'Harper's Island' that I have recently finished and still need to write a review about. And I am determined to finish Season 2 and 3 of 'Dexter' before I go to Japan. I am halfway through Season 2 now.

See you soon!

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