justforaday: (pic#324731)
justforaday ([personal profile] justforaday) wrote2009-09-08 10:16 pm
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Hey guys! Its me, posting from Japan! We found a manga kissaten not far from our hotel, so we took the first chance we got to get here and check up on everything.
The flight was great, we watched Nu-trek and Night at the museum and monsters, inc. and an episode of Bones. We arrived after aproximately 11 hours and jetlag is killing ous. But we had dinner at an Izakaya just now (thats like a japanese bar with lots of great food) and we are gonna go to bed soon. Tomorrow will be a long long day.

Thats it for now, I will tell you all the great stuff about our hotel and everything later. Maybe I will have the chance to post from Japan again. Bye!

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